Our Story

Mallory Family, founders of Yubi LoopLife is made up of defining moments and we use our phones to capture them. Those same phones are used to stay in touch with loved ones from across the country or the other side of the world. To send cute pictures, funny videos, or loving messages to friends and family. In our life, we’ll face hardships like the loss of a loved one, but we’ll also experience joy like the birth of a child. These moments will all be captured and saved on your phones as you go about living life so why not make it easier to hold onto ?what matters.

Our mantra is to Live, Serve, Give, Repeat.

Giving Back

When you hold your phone with YubiLoop you also hold the hand of a child in need.

Photos by Yan Mathison, founder of Hope Village

A portion of every YubiLoop sold goes to the non-profit Hope Village Global who serves schools, orphanages, and villages in impoverished areas of the world.

The mission of  Hope Village is to empower communities to break the chain of poverty through education and self-sustainability.  We do this by providing support through educational programs and business enterprises that lead to increased opportunities, job creation, and economic advancements in diverse communities locally and worldwide.

Summer of 2018, Hope Village is headed to Haiti! Learn more at hopevillageglobal.org to learn how you can help.

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