Our Story

   We believe life is just better when you are living your purpose. We have always loved humanitarian endeavors and are heavily involved in efforts in Haiti and other areas where poverty is an everyday reality. Where "things" just don't matter because their worry is about their next meal . We created our company with the goal to serve as many people in impoverished parts of the world as possible. We partner with Hope Village Global, a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) , non profit  organization. 

We want to make your life easier by giving you a better hold on your phone while making the lives of those in impoverished villages and orphanages easier through education, vocational programs  , job creation , medical missions and food.

Join us! Every purchase of a YubiLoop helps in a meaningful way. We fund raise for projects in Haiti through our company by donating a chunk of the profits. So every loop sold gives us more power to help orphans, families and individuals in the most poverty stricken areas of the globe. It matters. Thank you for joining forces with us! 

If you already have a Yubiloop or would rather just give directly to the cause, please do! You can go to the Hope Village Global Facebook page and click donate. https://www.facebook.com/hopevillageglobal1/ .

While you are on social media, go ahead and follow @social.hopevillage on Instagram as well, to see for yourself what good can be done in the world when a few good people put their heads together. It really IS easier than you think to change someone else's life. 






Our mantra is to Live, Serve, Give, Repeat.

Giving Back

When you hold your phone with YubiLoop you also hold the hand of a child in need.

Photos by Yan Mathison, founder of Hope Village











A portion of every YubiLoop sold goes to the non-profit Hope Village Global who serves schools, orphanages, and villages in impoverished areas of the world.

The mission of  Hope Village is to empower communities to break the chain of poverty through education and self-sustainability.  We do this by providing support through educational programs and business enterprises that lead to increased opportunities, job creation, and economic advancements in diverse communities locally and worldwide.

Summer of 2018, Hope Village is headed to Haiti! Learn more at hopevillageglobal.org to learn how you can help.