• YubiLoop is an amazing smartphone accessory. It's easy to keep ahold of my smartphone, take better selfies, and I love that I can use it as a stand. One of the best features is that is slides flat because I keep my smartphone in my pocket. Great product!

  • This is a game changer!! I love that I can hold something in my hand and have my phone securely hanging on my finger in the SAME hand! I can grab anything without having to set my phone down or dropping it.. With the YubiLoop, you only need one finger and it's SECURE! Selfies  are WAY easier. Best of all, dropping my phone is a thing of the past! I can't live without it now!

  • YubiLoop has changed the way I hold my smartphone. I always dropped my phone on a daily basis, now I never drop it. Good by to $100 - $200 deductibles. When I'm laying in bed at night surfing, I would lose my grip and it would fall and hit me in the face! No more, YubiLoop keeps it secure while I surf. Only one finger to keep it secure. Amazing product!!!!!

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